Custom View Shutters & Blinds serves Plainfield IL homeowners with custom window blinds for the look and function you need according to your style.

As a family-owned business in Plainfield – not a large chain franchise – we support your premium blinds with attentive, personal service that reflects our connection to the village’s residents and neighborhoods. We are fully invested in our relationship with you and your satisfaction with your project.

Plainfield IL Blinds: Which Window Covering Is Right for Me?

When you are looking to have window blinds installed in Plainfield, the main distinction between blinds and shutters is their structure.

Shutters are solid and permanently fixed to the sides of each window with metal fittings. Blinds are more flexible and pliable and often fixed only to the top of the window.

Blinds for Plainfield IL: Benefits

The custom window blinds you choose and install with us provide you with advantages such as:

  • easy to change. Blinds are versatile and not heavy, so if you decide you would like to change them later for a different style or pattern, it won’t be a major undertaking.
  • less expensive. Many shutters are made of wood or PVC, which makes them sturdy but also a greater investment. Blinds come in a greater array of materials, giving you a wider range of price points for your blinds’ function, look and style.
  • more diverse. Because your choices of blinds are extensive, you have superb flexibility in choosing blinds of different colors and patterns for particular rooms.

Our Plainfield customers enjoy our wood, faux wood and aluminum custom blinds with different designs, paints, stains and control options. We also offer an inspiring collection of vertical blinds.

Blinds for Plainfield IL: Comparison with Shutters

If you’re looking for an alternative to blinds, shutters from Custom View Shutters & Blinds provide superb strength and appeal.

Our Plainfield customers select them for:

  • easy maintenance. Because they are so durable, shutters will typically require less upkeep while serving you longer. They can often be kept clean and free of dust with a simple wipe-down.
  • temperature control. When shutters’ slats (louvres) are fully open, they welcome solar heating into your room. When the slats are closed, they help keep cold air out of the room.
  • more command of light and privacy. Shutters can help you control the amount and reach of light that enters your room – as well as your degree of privacy – by letting you tilt the louvres at your desired setting.

Shutters become more than window coverings for your Plainfield home – they are also features that enhance its value.

This is especially true when you install choices such as plantation shutters from Custom View Shutters & Blinds. Plantation shutters fit the window frame with left and right sections that can open out like doors. Beyond their sturdy build and efficient function, many selections can give your room a classic feel of the antebellum South.

Plainfield IL: Why Custom View Shutters & Blinds?

Our Plainfield customers appreciate our exclusive focus on window coverings of premium quality installed with both artistry and precision.

As specialized consultants, we can answer your questions and make recommendations according to your room as well as your personal taste. We are your partner in planning, choosing and designing your custom window blinds and shutters.

Our measurements are exact in providing the perfect fit for any window type, including shallow windows, French doors and half-moon windows. We also provide free installation for each order.

Plainfield IL Blinds: Contact Us Today

If you live in Plainfield and are thinking about blinds customized for your room and personality, we welcome hearing about your inspiration and discussing what you can achieve. Contact us at (815) 985-5800 or e-mail us to get started – we also offer complimentary in-home consultations!

Open 7 days a week to serve Plainfield IL, including availability for evening and Saturday consultations and installations